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Circular Economy | Articles and Books
Circular Economy | An Introduction
Circular Economy Africa #1 (2)_edited_ed

ARTICLE | 2021

In this report, Footprints Africa & ACEN showcase 23 inspiring examples of circularity in practice across Africa. 

Circular Economy AI technology_1.jpg

Article | 2019

In this research paper, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation (et al) examine the application of AI in two value chains: food and consumer electronics. 

Circular economy doughnut economics_edited.jpg

BOOK | 2017 

In Doughnut Economics, Kate Raworth lays out the seven deadly mistakes of mainstream economics & offers a radical re-envisioning of the world system. 

Circular economy systems thinking.jpg

Book | 2008

Thinking in Systems will help readers to develop systems-thinking skills we need today. To activate change, we need to see the whole system and understand how each piece interacts.

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Circular Economy | Online courses
CE Introduction course_edited_edited_edi

Led by Delft University of Technology

CIrcular economy: An introduction 

Learners are provided the opportunity to explore an alternative approach to our traditional linear economy of take-make-dispose and consider all things circular economy. Course length: 7 weeks

CE Exeter University_edited_edited_edite

Led by Exeter University

Circular economy masterclass series

This highly interactive programme is designed for those who already have some knowledge of the circular economy and are looking to advance their understanding and application. Course length: 6 weeks


Led by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation

inside the circular economy: Africa

This interactive online programme is focused on the circular economy in Africa. It aims to inspire circular economy enthusiasts across the African continent to accelerate the transition to a circular economy. Programme length: 7 weeks

Impact investing

Impact Investing | An Introduction
Impact Investing | Articles and Books
Adventure Finance book.jpg

Book | 2021

A brilliant book by Aunnie Patton Power! Adventure Finance is an accessible and engaging read for any founder. It sifts through the finance jargon and illustrates through stories, some of the real-world challenges and innovations created from implementing financial solutions in underserved communities.

CE risk adjusted strategy.png

Article | 2021

As the market for circular economy financing is rapidly taking off, questions around the relationship between circular economy, risk, and return are increasingly pertinent. In collaboration between Bocconi University, Ellen MacArthur Foundation and Intesa Sanpaolo, this white paper shows how circular economy strategies can curb risk and drive super risk-adjusted performance.

GIIN Impact Investing.png

Online resource

The Global Impact Investing Network is a global champion of impact investing, dedicated to increasing the scale and effectiveness of impact investing around the world. 

Impact Management Project.png

online resource

Thinking in Systems will help readers to develop systems-thinking skills we need today. To activate change, we need to see the whole system and understand how each piece interacts.

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Impact Investing | Online courses
innovative finance_edited_edited_edited_

Led by the University of Cape

Innovative finance: hacking finance to change the world

This course is designed to give you the ability to build innovative financing strategies that work towards outcomes such as financial inclusion, access to energy and access to education. Self-paced. Course length: 5 weeks

Impact investing course 2.png

Developed by The Jindal Centre for Social Innovation + Entrepreneurship (JSiE)

future learn: Impact investing

This online course will help you to learn how the power of finance can generate financial returns and tackle today's global challenges. Self-paced. Course length: 4 weeks

Bertha centre impact investing.jpg.png

Led by the the Bertha Centre for Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business

Impact investing in africa

This specialised short course, the only one in Africa, is designed to equip fund managers, asset owners, consultants and other financial intermediaries with expertise in this rapidly growing field. It features tailor made curriculum from the Bertha Centre, a thought leader in Impact Investing education, with sessions led by leading impact investing practitioners. Application deadline: 11 October 2021. Course dates: 08-12 November 2021


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